J is for Jimmy and joker.

Christy next door is still moaning about his job.What's he got to moan about? Sure he wouldn't work in a fit, sweeps a few streets,then goes to the pub. He must be worn out.Said he's had the same sweeping brush for five years.Shows how much he uses it,lazy fecker.He said since he got it he's … Continue reading J is for Jimmy and joker.

I is for inheritance.

Are you going on holidays, ma?Thinking about it, why?Where are you going?Not sure yet. Rome, India, the Bahamas.The Bahamas is very expensive.We have savings. You can't be spending all that.Why can't I?That's our inheritance.It is in its arse.I'm only joking. You go enjoy yourself while you can.What do mean, while I can?Clock is ticking ma, … Continue reading I is for inheritance.