Nine Weeks

Last weeks government announcement didn’t go down too well in our house.

  • Nine more weeks
  • Nine fucking weeks.
  • It’s not funny anymore, Jimmy.
  • It was never funny, Bernie.
  • But it’s less funny than it was the first time.
  • Closing the pubs wasn’t funny.
  • But we thought it was only for a couple of months.
  • If only we knew.
  • At least we had good weather.
  • Time off work with pay.
  • Second time, we had Banana bread and Tik Toks, and the weather was still nice.
  • Oh please, spare me from Banana bread, Bernie.
  • Definitely no more banana bread.
  • Thank god for small mercies.
  • Feck off, it wasn’t that bad.
  • Then they closed the pubs again.
  • But we had Christmas to look forward to.
  • How naïve we were.
  • Third lockdown came at Christmas.
  • And yet again, they close the pubs.
  • Then January came, dark nights, shite weather.
  • But at least the vaccines were being rolled out.
  • We thought there was light at the end of the tunnel.
  • We thought we were near the end.
  • Then they hit us with this.
  • No Paddy’s day… again.
  • No pubs opening…again.
  • Nine more weeks.
  • Nine more fucking weeks.

9 thoughts on “Nine Weeks

  1. It’s hard isn’t it Bernie, we are easing up here in a few weeks….
    I dread to think what will happen…mayhem no doubt. Keep smiling ..and if want to have some more banana bread I have plenty in the freezer 💜🙂💜💜💜🤞

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