Instagram Angles

I can’t be doing with the hundreds of mammy/wannabe fashionistas on Instagram, spouting shite every five minutes

‘My little angles, I love the bones of them. I do what I do for me kids, they’re me world’. Well fuck off then, Chantelle and look after your bleedin’ kids and stop pawning them off on your ma every chance you get.

Beauty blogger me hole. You sit in your room in front of your dressing table, plastering on make up and posting duck faces on Instagram while all your ma is short of doing is breast feeding your little ‘angles’.

You’re just a lazy hoorbag who cant be arsed changing a nappy or making a bottle for your child.

‘Me ma is me guardian angle on earth. I’d be lost without her’. (btw, please learn the difference between and angel and an angle if you insist on posting about them every five minutes)

Ask my arse. You’d be lost without an unpaid babysitter while you go for your non socially distanced walks with Leanne and Shania and sit sipping your mocha lattes up in Tymon park while scrolling through your phone looking for likes on the photos you posted of your kids; the ones you hardly ever see. I see more of your kids than you do, Chantelle, up in the playground being pushed on the swings or in Lidl being pushed in a shopping trolley by your frazzled ma, you know the one you can’t live without. What you can’t live without is free money, free child minders and as many likes on your Instagram as you can get.

So, stop being a selfish cunt, and get home and spend some time with your family instead of trying to subsidize your covid payment, doing dodgy shellacs for a tenner for your mates and telling the world you’re a ‘busy working mom’. You’re just a self entitled geebag, Chantelle, and your nails are shite.

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