Breakfast in bed #AtoZChallenge

God love her. Poor Maisie doesn’t eat much! I don’t know how she’s surviving  :p

B (2)


  • Morning ma
  • Morning Bernie
  • Are you having breakfast?
  • I’m not really hungry this morning
  • I’ll make you a cup of tea anyway
  • Are you having something?
  • Not yet. You know I don’t eat first thing in the morning
  • Well I won’t bother either
  • Jaysis ma. Just because I’m not hungry doesn’t mean you’re not to eat
  • I’ll have something small so
  • I’ll make you a rasher sandwich
  • Lovely, I haven’t had a rasher in ages
  • Phil said she cooked rashers on Sunday for you
  • For herself you mean. I had none
  • Hmm, whatever you say
  • WHAT?
  • Sure I may as well have a sausage as well Bernie
  • O.K. ma
  • …and if there’s any eggs left, I’ll have one, oh and a tomato would be nice
  • I’ll just make you a fry up ma
  • Ah no, I wouldn’t eat a full fry Bernie. I’m not really hungry
  • So you’ll just have rasher, sausage, egg and tomato, tea and toast but you’re not hungry and you don’t want a full fry?
  • Well if it’s too much bother I’ll just have the slice of toast
  • I never said it was any bother
  • Well what’s the delay?
  • Jaysis, you’re not even out of the bed yet and you’re annoying me
  • WHAT?
  • …and a bit of white pudding if there’s any left
  • Do you want one or two slices of toast?
  • No, just the one thanks Bernie. I’m not that hungry


‘I eat like a bird’ I heard her say to Mrs. Casey next door the other day. ‘Yeah, a fucking gannet ma’ says I. She wasn’t pleased.’I do not Bernie’ says she ‘I  eat very little’.  ‘The neighbours will think we’re starving you ma’ says I. ‘Feck the neighbours’ says she.  Jaysis lads, I’d better go defrost a few chickens from the freezer for her dinner tomorrow  :p


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