• What d’ye think of that gobshite Trump?
  • Don’t get me started on that Oompa Loompa sleaze bag Jimmy
  • Ye don’t like him then?
  • Like him? I’d like to box the head off him, the dirty fecker
  • ‘Locker room banter’ says he
  • I don’t care where he was…in a bar, in the office, at the bleedin’ bus stop…it’s not OK to treat women like that
  • Giving all of us men a bad name he is
  • Thank God all men aren’t like him.
  • He thinks he can do as he likes because of who he is…malignant little fucker
  • Imagine groping a woman just because you feel like it.
  • Not nice Bernie. Not nice.
  • I’d like to see him try grope me, he wouldn’t know what hit him
  • Jaysis Bernie, I wouldn’t fancy his chances
  • He’d have a fair chance of having his mickey in a splint Jimmy
  • Ouch Bernie
  • …and that’s only for starters. The state of him, the manky git
  • I think Hillary could do with you on her team
  • I’m not saying I’m all for Hillary either but jaysis, she’s better than that dirt bag
  • He thinks he’s invincible Bernie. Is there anyone he won’t target to get to the top? Immigrants? Jews? Mexicans?Muslims? Gays?
  • How the hell did he get to be a presidential candidate?
  • Fucked if I know or understand Americans Ber
  • His supporters love him, they don’t care what he says or does
  • He’s making eejits out of them all.
  • Brainwashed  by a perverted oompa loompa with a bad hair do
  • God help America
  • God help us all…

12 thoughts on “#Itsnotok

  1. Perfectly stated – spot on!
    His male supporters think the same way that he does…and the “Trumpettes” hold out hope that they can be his next victim…er, ex-wife-to-be! Insanity reigns in the party of the lunatic fringe.


      1. Too damned true…the predatory way he was looming and glowering behind Hillary at the last debate made my skin crawl. Any woman who’s had a man invade her personal space in that fashion (such as myself) would feel the same way – if she were in her right mind, that is!

        “I wouldn’t touch him with a barge pole” – spot on! Me, I wouldn’t touch him with a 50-foot, creosote-soaked dock piling, ROFL!

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