• What d’ye think of that gobshite Trump?
  • Don’t get me started on that Oompa Loompa sleaze bag Jimmy
  • Ye don’t like him then?
  • Like him? I’d like to box the head off him, the dirty fecker
  • ‘Locker room banter’ says he
  • I don’t care where he was…in a bar, in the office, at the bleedin’ bus stop…it’s not OK to treat women like that
  • Giving all of us men a bad name he is
  • Thank God all men aren’t like him.
  • He thinks he can do as he likes because of who he is…malignant little fucker
  • Imagine groping a woman just because you feel like it.
  • Not nice Bernie. Not nice.
  • I’d like to see him try grope me, he wouldn’t know what hit him
  • Jaysis Bernie, I wouldn’t fancy his chances
  • He’d have a fair chance of having his mickey in a splint Jimmy
  • Ouch Bernie
  • …and that’s only for starters. The state of him, the manky git
  • I think Hillary could do with you on her team
  • I’m not saying I’m all for Hillary either but jaysis, she’s better than that dirt bag
  • He thinks he’s invincible Bernie. Is there anyone he won’t target to get to the top? Immigrants? Jews? Mexicans?Muslims? Gays?
  • How the hell did he get to be a presidential candidate?
  • Fucked if I know or understand Americans Ber
  • His supporters love him, they don’t care what he says or does
  • He’s making eejits out of them all.
  • Brainwashed  by a perverted oompa loompa with a bad hair do
  • God help America
  • God help us all…