Lyon Eyes

L (1)

  • Don’t you  be gettin’ rat arsed every night when you’re in Paris Jimmy
  • We’re not only  goin’ to Paris. We’ll be goin’ to Bordeaux, Nice,Toulouse..
  • Footloose in Toulouse, you’d better behave yerself James Violet
  • I always behave meself…and anyway what happens in Lyon, stays in Lyon
  • Have you somethin’ to hide Jimmy?
  • Like you and your mates last month in Liverpool ?
  • We had a very quiet weekend
  • I saw de photos Bernie
  • Where?
  • Kylie showed me on Facebook
  • She’s such a rat. Wait ’til I see her.
  • With male strippers and pole dancing?
  • That was for her friends hens party, nothin’ to do with me
  • Right, whatever you say love
  • Do I look like I’d be bothered with strippers?
  • I’m sayin’ nothin’
  • Good
  • Scarleh for ye Ber
  • Fuck off to Paris will ye Jimmy
  • You can’t hide your Lyon eyes





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