Keeping fit

K (1)

  • Are you still on this keep fit buzz Bernie?
  • I’m tryin’ Jimmy
  • Well here’s somethin’ that might help ye
  •  Jane Fonda’s original workout…Richard Simmons Disco Sweat..jaysis Jimmy, is Jane Fonda still even alive?…and who the fuck is Richard Simmons?
  • I haven’t a breeze Bernie, I just got ye the videos
  • Where did ye get these, from yer friend Marty McFly?
  • We found them in Mickos mas attic when we were doin’ a clear out
  • Mickos ma died five years ago, she was seventy nine, what does that tell ye Jimmy ?
  • That she lived to a good age?
  • It tells me these videos are over thirty years old. I remember her exercising to them in the eighties
  • Well, a workout is a workout, and Bridie was fit as a fiddle so they obviously worked
  • She died Jimmy
  • Not while she was workin’ out bu’
  • You’re some spanner Jimmy Violet
  • I was only tryin’ to help. Jaysis ye get no thanks in this house
  • …and what am I supposed to play them on?
  • A video recorder?
  • Who even has a video recorder these days?
  • Where’s the one I bought ye for yer birthday?
  • Ye bought me that in 1984 Jimmy
  • …and where is it?
  • Gone on a skip years ago
  • That was very expensive at the time Ber
  • It was a relic Jimmy, will ye give over
  • I wonder if Bridies one is still in the attic?
  • Go back to the future will ye Jimmy

Give me strength!!


jane fonda

5 thoughts on “Keeping fit

  1. Heeheehee! You can still find the players here, they aren’t that expensive, but they are becoming scarce. If i remember right, Jane didn’t even really do those workouts, she had a personal trainer, she just did those to sell the videos and make money.

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