Girls aloud (Liverpool)#AprilAtoZ


Me and the girls emptied our Bisto tins and fecked off with our running away money…just for the weekend to Liverpool, we came back  like. ( We always come back…well, most of us, but that’s another story altogether)  I couldn’t wait to get away from everything; me ma, the kids, even Jimmy.  As usual, we booked the early morning flight,  but I was bloody knackered before I even got there.

  • Wake up Bernie, we’re here.
  • Jesus that was quick, I only fastened me seat belt five minutes ago.
  • Twenty actually.
  • I cant believe I fell asleep. Was I snoring?
  • You woke the pilot you were so loud.
  • Feck off you.
  • What has you so tired anyway?
  • Three hours sleep and a ride before the 4am alarm
  • Jesus, too much information Bernie.
  • Sorry hon, but I couldn’t let Jimmy go the whole weekend without a bit of how’s your father could I.
  • How do you do it Bernie?
  • I’ll draw you a diagram later hon.
  • You’re alright I think I remember how do do it…well vaguely.
  • Jaysis, has it been that long Pauline?
  • Shush Bernie, no need to tell the whole plane.
  • Calm down love, jesus now I know why you’re so uptight.
  • Excuse me?
  • Ehh, I’m only joking, now come on and grab them bags from the overhead locker, I’m gasping for a drink.
  • Well I tried waking you when the drinks trolley came around, but you wouldn’t budge.
  • You mean you actually had time for a drink?
  • There’s always time for a drink Bernie…even on a twenty minute flight.
  • Well hurry up, I obviously need to catch up with you lot then….come on girls…woop woop…

I love a Liverpool weekender, and I love me pals even more.

I told you we came back 😉

You’ll never walk alone

Y (1)

  • About time the Hillsborough victims got justice Da
  • You’re right son. It should never have taken this long
  • I wasn’t even born when it happened
  • All those years blaming the supporters.
  • …blaming the victims for their own death
  • There were definitely too many people in the stadium bu’
  • Oh there’s no doubt about that, but to blame them was a bleedin’ disgrace
  • … and the lies printed in them bloody rags; shocking
  • …and the police. It seems to me they thought  just because they were workin’ class supporters, they were hooligans
  • You know they took blood samples from the dead to see if they’d alcohol in their system?
  • Are ye serious da? What’s havin’ a few pints got to do with it?
  • Sure jaysis don’t we all have a few pints before a match? It doesn’t mean we’re yobos
  • What the families of those victims went through was desperate altogether
  • At least now they’ve got justice
  • It was great the way they all stuck together; the supporters and their families wasn’t it da?
  • Liverpool always had great supporters. Their anthem suits them down to a T
  • Great song
  • Great
  • They can rest in peace at last
  • You’ll never walk alone

Lyon Eyes

L (1)

  • Don’t you  be gettin’ rat arsed every night when you’re in Paris Jimmy
  • We’re not only  goin’ to Paris. We’ll be goin’ to Bordeaux, Nice,Toulouse..
  • Footloose in Toulouse, you’d better behave yerself James Violet
  • I always behave meself…and anyway what happens in Lyon, stays in Lyon
  • Have you somethin’ to hide Jimmy?
  • Like you and your mates last month in Liverpool ?
  • We had a very quiet weekend
  • I saw de photos Bernie
  • Where?
  • Kylie showed me on Facebook
  • She’s such a rat. Wait ’til I see her.
  • With male strippers and pole dancing?
  • That was for her friends hens party, nothin’ to do with me
  • Right, whatever you say love
  • Do I look like I’d be bothered with strippers?
  • I’m sayin’ nothin’
  • Good
  • Scarleh for ye Ber
  • Fuck off to Paris will ye Jimmy
  • You can’t hide your Lyon eyes