Thirsty work

shopping bags

  • I’m off shopping with Julie
  •   Ah good luck
  • Why would I need luck?
  • Shopping with her,sure she’s worse than you
  • We like shopping; what’s wrong with that?
  • Whatever  floats your boat Bernie.
  • Shopping floats my boat so deal with it
  • I suppose you’ll only be an hour
  • I’ll be as long as it takes
  • Be as long as you like
  • I will
  • I’ll see you at dinner time so
  • You might; you might not
  • So it’s the chipper for me I suppose
  • Whatever you fancy Jimmy
  • I fancy steak and chips but it doesn’t look like I’ll be getting it here
  • I’m sure your ma would be delighted to oblige
  • No bother to my ma
  • There you go then, sorted
  • I might pop up for a pint after me dinner, so make sure you have your key
  • I might go for dinner with Julie, seeing as your ma is making yours. No need to rush home
  • Since when did you ever rush home from shopping?
  • Well, you have a puss on if your dinner is not on the table by six
  • I’m a working man Bernie. It’s not much to ask me dinner ready when I come home after a hard days graft
  • No one ever gets my dinner ready
  • I do sometimes
  • Ye do not
  • I fucking do
  • What, once in a blue moon when you go the chipper for a one and one
  • It’s dinner isn’t it
  • Ye right
  • You’re never happy
  • I might go to the pub meself on the way home
  • Plenty of room for ye Bernie
  • It’s thirsty work all this shopping
  • Tell me about it


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