I is for inheritance.

  • Are you going on holidays, ma?
  • Thinking about it, why?
  • Where are you going?
  • Not sure yet. Rome, India, the Bahamas.
  • The Bahamas is very expensive.
  • We have savings.
  • You can’t be spending all that.
  • Why can’t I?
  • That’s our inheritance.
  • It is in its arse.
  • I’m only joking. You go enjoy yourself while you can.
  • What do mean, while I can?
  • Clock is ticking ma, you’re catching up on me granny.
  • Shag off you, ye little rip.
  • You’re even starting to talk like her.
  • You’re annoying me now.
  • Not long before you and da be heading to shady pines.
  • You’re not too old to get a clip in the ear off me, J.R.
  • With your zimmerframe?
  • You won’t be laughing when I change my will.

Little fecker, loves winding me up 🤣

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