Maisie is in top form today🥴

  • Do you like shots,Bernie?
  • From a gun or from a glass.
  • Sure, what would you be doing with a gun?
  • Don’t tempt me to answer that one, ma.
  • Very funny. So, do you like shots?
  • I do love a baby guinness, that’s about it.
  • I prefer cocktails myself.
  • Since when?
  • Since Beyoncé introduced me to pornstar martinis.
  • When was this?
  • At young Jakes wedding. We went through the full cocktail menu.
  • We?
  • Bee and her pals.
  • Oh it’s Bee now is it?
  • It’s what her pals call her. I like it, suits her.
  • You’re losing the run of yourself,ma.
  • I left them to it when they started on the shots.
  • That was considerate of you.
  • I’m not a fan of them gonzukas.
  • The what?
  • Gonzukas, them shots with the flame.
  • Oh, sambuccas you mean?
  • Thats the one yeah, nearly burnt the lip off meself so I did.
  • Holy mother of divine, what next?
  • Too bloody dangerous, Bernie. Im sticking to sex on the beach in future.

This from the woman who doesn’t want a birthday party 🙄

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