• What would you like to do for your birthday,ma?
  • Don’t mention my birthday.
  • Why not?
  • I don’t want to know about it.
  • So, no cake, no presents, no party?
  • No, I’m too old for all that. I’ve celebrated enough birthdays.
  • You’re such a drama queen.
  • I’m serious, old age has nothing going for it.
  • Get away out of that.
  • Why would I be celebrating arthritis and incontinence and one step nearer the grave?
  • We’re all one step nearer the grave, ma,sure I could die before you.
  • Don’t say that, you’re still young.
  • Look at the queen, she’s 96. I bet she’ll be celebrating.
  • Sure she has all of her servants and staff doing everything for her.
  • You have so much in common,ma. 🙄

Imagine if we did nothing for for her birthday! She’d be livid. I’d better go polish her tiara 🤩🤣

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