Torn between two mothers

What kept you,Bernie?

I had to drop in to Jimmy’s ma on the way.

For what?

Jimmy asked me to check on her because he got delayed in work and won’t get there until after lunch.

How is she?

She’s not too bad. I just made her a cup of tea and a sandwich.

Where are her daughters?

I don’t know.

You’d think they’d be with her.

They all do their share. It’s Jimmy’s day today, but I told you, he got delayed so he asked me to make sure she was ok.

Why didn’t he ring one of his sisters to drop in?

Because he asked me. What’s your problem ma?

I just think you’ve enough to be doing without looking after his mother as well.

Like, looking after you?

Well, I am your mother.

When did you become so selfish ma?

I’m not selfish. What are you talking about?

I’m half an hour late coming to you, and you’re giving out.

I’m not giving out, but I’m gasping for a cup of tea.

Well, why didn’t you get your arse out of the bed and make one.

I’m not very well today, Bernie.

What else is new, ma?

Do you talk to Lily Violet like that?

Oh my god ma, are you jealous of Jimmy’s ma?

Indeed I’m not, why would I be jealous of her?

Because I’ve called in to make her a cup of tea.

Well, it’s not the first time this week. You always seem to be over there.

The woman is not well ma. She needs help.

Well. it shouldn’t be always up to you.

It’s not always up to me. for gods sake, I made the woman a bit of lunch, what’s the big deal?

Well, why can’t her daughters make her lunch?

I told you why ma, I’m not repeating myself again. Ive done enough of that today.

She’s not that sick. she hasn’t got arthritis, like me.

The woman has alzheimers,ma.

But does she really? I have my doubts.

Ma stop it.

She seemed grand last time I saw her.

That was months ago ma, she’s much worse now.

I’ve always said that woman would do anything for attention.

She’s not the only one ma.


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