Golden Gee

I don’t know who’s worse sometimes, Jimmy or me ma 🙄

  • Your ma rang when you were out,Bernie
  • What did she want?
  • Just a chat I think. She was going on about one of her dead friends.
  • Who?
  • Betty Brown.
  • She hasn’t got a friend called Betty Brown.
  • Oh, maybe it was Betty Black, I dunno. Died a dew days before her 100th birthday?
  • Betty White?
  • That’s the one.
  • I can’t believe she’s still going on about her. She died months ago.
  • Grief has no timeline, Bernie.
  • Alright, Seamus Heaney.
  • Im just saying, have a bit of compassion for your ma.
  • She needs to cop on and get over it.
  • Thats a bit harsh, Bernie. She’s very upset, and your ma can’t afford to lose anymore friends at her age.
  • She wasn’t her friend, Jimmy.
  • Are you sure? She really sounded heartbroken.
  • Yes, I’m sure. Jesus that woman would put years on you.
  • Bummer, missing out on her big cheque by a few days from Miggeldy. Wouldn’t you be fuming if it was you?
  • No I’d be dead if it was me,Jimmy, and why would she be getting a cheque?
  • Sure doesn’t everyone that reaches 100 get a cheque from the president.
  • Betty White was an American actress,Jimmy.
  • Did she marry an Irish man? She’d still be entitled.
  • I don’t know who she married or if she married at all, Jimmy. She lived in America.
  • Oh right, no cheque for her so. But how did your ma know her?
  • Ma didn’t know her. She was one of the golden girls.
  • Any relation to golden gee?
  • Holy mother of divine; I hope you didn’t mention golden gee to my ma. You know her feelings about that woman.
  • Why would I? Sure I’m only finding out now that Betty was related. Did she have an eye for your da aswell?
  • She wasn’t related, and golden gee had more than an eye for me da.
  • Wasn’t she a member of your mas drama society?
  • Betty White?
  • No, golden gee, maybe she WAS related.
  • Give me patience, Jimmy, and give me that phone.
  • I wonder what the going rate for reaching 100 is these days,Bernie?
  • I don’t think you need to worry about that,Jim.
  • Why’s that?
  • Because if you keep annoying me you won’t see 60.
  • No need for that talk, Bernie, no need at all.

Give me strength😐

14 thoughts on “Golden Gee

  1. I have to laugh Bernie, my mother in law bemoaned the loss of her friends, especially the ones she actually knew. I say, when she said all her friends were gone, ” At least you’ve still got us” I’d get a withering look and a “Yes but it’s not quite the same, is it?”
    She also loved a funeral however tenuous the link …… It was a trip out.💜💜

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