In my heart it’s spring…

  • Wouldn’t it wear you out all the same, Bernie?
  • What,ma?
  • Winter.
  • It would.
  • Dark days, darker nights.
  • The cold and rain.
  • January is the worst, it’s never ending.
  • It’s a whole season in itself.
  • It’d put years on you. Will it ever end?
  • What,
  • January, Bernie.
  • It’s February,ma.
  • Is it?
  • The 7th.
  • You just get so used to January, you forget other months exist.
  • Well, its over since last Monday.
  • Thanks be to god. Pull that page off the calendar would you, I’ve been looking at it for years.
  • I just thought you liked looking at Mr. January.
  • He’s had his day, and I’m sure February isn’t wearing a shirt either, Bernie.
  • You’re incorrigible,ma.

That woman, I swear to god…

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