Last week saw the opening of nightclubs in Ireland for the first time in almost two years. I think Whitney was a bit excited

  • Where are you off to?
  • Coppers.
  • You’re leaving very early.
  • We need to get in the queue.
  • Who queues for Coppers?
  • First night opening ma, it’s gonna be mental.
  • You’re mental, queuing for a nightclub at your age.
  • I’m only twenty five.
  • Exactly ,twenty five, not fifteen.
  • Hazel said…
  • Oh, you’re going with Hazel? Say no more.
  • What do you mean?
  • Never was a name more suited to someone than your pal, Hazel.
  • She’s not that bad.
  • What time does Coppers open?
  • Eleven o’clock.
  • and what time is it now?
  • Seven.
  • Enough said.

Turns out, Hazel wasn’t the only nut on the night. 🙄

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