Remember me

Jimmy’s ma is getting more forgetful lately.

  • Howya, Lily.
  • Who are you?
  • I’m Bernie.
  • Jack’s sister?
  • No, Jimmy’s wife.
  • Jimmy?
  • Your son, James.
  • James is in London working.
  • He’s home.
  • Since when?
  • 1985.
  • No one told me.
  • He’s just putting the kettle on.
  • I’d better get his room ready.
  • No need, Lily.
  • But his bed is not made.
  • Have a cuppa first, then I’ll help you.
  • If that young one calls again, don’t tell her he’s home.
  • What young one?
  • That Rose one. She rings here night and day looking for him.
  • Bernie Rose?
  • That’s the one.
  • Do you not like her then?
  • Indeed I don’t. My James is too good for the likes of her.
  • Why do you say that?
  • She’s a little tramp, just like her mother.
  • She sounds awful.
  • She never leaves him alone, he can’t get rid of her.
  • Is that right?
  • She thinks she’ll never get him down the aisle.
  • Really?
  • Over my dead body.
  • I’ll just see if that kettle is boiled yet.
  • Thanks love.
  • Arsenic and two sugars yeah?
  • Who did you say you were again?

She remembers what she wants.

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