Star Baker

  • Isnt  it a great escape from the covid,Bernie?
  • I bloody love Bake off, ma.
  • Even bread week.
  • Especially bread week, who doesn’t love bread?
  • Everyone loved my soda bread. I was great at the aul baking in my day,Bernie.
  • You were,ma. You haven’t baked in a long time.
  • Im not able anymore, not with my arthritis.
  • Lets make some bread tomorrow. I’ll help you
  • You’re not much of a bread maker, Bernie
  • Who said?
  • Remember that time you made soda bread in school?
  • I was thirteen, ma, and I forgot my buttermilk and had to to use water.
  • You need a light hand for bread.You’re very heavy handed,Bernie.
  • I am not.
  • Your da used that loaf as a doorstop for a week.
  • At least it was useful for something.
  • Even the mice couldn’t get their teeth through it.
  • Alright ma, I get your point, my bread was shite.
  • Paul Hollywood, would agree.
  • Thanks ma.


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