Let’s go outside

  • What are you shouting for Koko?
  • Did you see my fur lined leggings anywhere?
  • They’re probably on your floordrobe with the rest of your clothes.
  • They’re not, I looked.
  • How you can find anything in that pigsty of a room is beyond me.
  • Its not a pigsty. I know where everything is.
  • Not your furry leggings, you don’t.
  • You must have moved them.
  • I moved nothing. I’d be taking my life into my own hands going into that room. When did you wear them last?
  • Around March maybe.
  • Did you check your wash basket?
  • My what?
  • Your…oh forget it. If they’re in there since March, they’ll walk out on their own soon. Why do you want them now anyway?
  • Me and the girls have a table booked down the pub for dinner and drinks.
  • Dublin pubs are on lockdown, did you forget? You can only eat and drink outside.
  • Yeah, I know.
  • Are you mad? It’s freezing out, and you’re going to sit outside the pub on the path eating your dinner, for every passerby to see.
  • That’s why I want me furry leggings, and I don’t care who sees me.
  • You’d need your thermal undies and a hot water bottle sitting out in that.
  • Great idea, thanks ma. It’s BYOB as well.
  • They’re letting you bring your own drink?
  • No, don’t be silly ma, jaysis sure they’re making little enough money as it is without us bringing our own booze.
  • BYOB? That means bring your own bottle, or it did in my day anyway.
  • It means, bring your own blanket, ma.
  • You’re having me on. Have they no outdoor heaters?
  • I’m sure they have, but a blanket won’t do any harm either.
  • You’re fecking mad.
  • Well, as da says; I didn’t lick it off a stone, ma.
  • Are you that desperate to go to the pub, Koko?
  • Yeah, it beats sitting in. I’m fed up sitting in.
  • Rather you than me.
  • It’ll be great craic. Here, where’s that hot water bottle you were talking about?

What the hell is coming next?

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