Second wave #covidtwo #thebreakdown

My pal Lynda rang me last night when news leaked about a potential new lockdown and a return to level five restrictions. She’s inclined to panic a bit.

  • I can’t do it again, Bernie.
  • Calm down, Lyn will you.
  • How can I calm down? Me nerves are shot to bits.
  • You’ll be grand. Just do what you’re doing now, social distance, wear your mask and keep washing your hands.
  • Do you not remember the first lockdown, Bernie? We were lucky to get out alive.
  • You didn’t even get the virus, Lynn.
  • I know.
  • So, what’s the problem this time?
  • Him, at home again, all day.
  • I suppose it is a worry when your husband is out of work.
  • It really is, Bernie.
  • Are you stuck for a few bob?
  • No, we’ve plenty of money. Money isn’t the problem.
  • So what is?

Heaven help us.

26 thoughts on “Second wave #covidtwo #thebreakdown

      1. I accept that having a whole regiment of kids at home all with school work to supervise is a pain (no, it’s hell), but the people who were claiming they were driven suicidal being at home with their kids had one, maybe two, and it wasn’t the school work it was occupying them that was driving them batty. I never ‘occupied’ mine, just put the sticking plasters on at the end of the fights πŸ™‚

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      2. I miss when I could put them in a room together and they’d all play and fight but not expect that a parent would sort things out for them. Now they’re not as easily amused and they don’t patch up quarrels as quickly.

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