H is for hypochondriac

Koko was over with me ma today and ma told her that she was having a stroke one day and I didn't believe her. 'You can be a bit insensitive sometimes ma' says she.'Your granny never had a stroke' says I. 'I'll tell you exactly what happened, she nearly gave me a bloody heart attack'. … Continue reading H is for hypochondriac

Let’s go outside

MAAAAAAAAWhat are you shouting for Koko?Did you see my fur lined leggings anywhere?They're probably on your floordrobe with the rest of your clothes.They're not, I looked.How you can find anything in that pigsty of a room is beyond me.Its not a pigsty. I know where everything is.Not your furry leggings, you don't.You must have moved … Continue reading Let’s go outside

One moment in time…not the age of Aquarius

Koko really loves to wind me up and take the piss... What do you mean I'm not a Pisces anymore? There's this new sign,ma.Its called Ophiuchus, so all the dates have changed to make room for it.Well it can go and Ophuck off. I was born a Pisces and I'll stay a Pisces.No, you're Aquarius … Continue reading One moment in time…not the age of Aquarius