Reflections of AtoZ

reflections 2020

The middle of May and we’re still in the middle of this Pandemic.

My AtoZ was my daily conversations with my family, how we were getting through the covid19 days, spending time together without killing each other. It was nice, for a while.

The first few weeks, I was in isolation and so wrecked, I slept a lot and didn’t eat much. I didn’t care that I couldn’t leave my room. I quite enjoyed the peace and quiet.

When I recovered, it was a novelty to even go down the stairs into the kitchen. It was nice to spend time with the family; cooking together, watching movies, staying up late and not worrying about getting up early in the morning. Zoom parties with my pals, watsapp chats with my siblings and my ma.

But the end of the AtoZ challenge didn’t mean the end of  Covid19, and to be honest, our  conversations and my patience are wearing thin.  At this stage I don’t even know who’s asking what and who’s answering who…

  • Ma, what’s for dinner?
  • Ask Jamie.
  • Who?
  • Bernie, are you making tea?
  • No.
  • Ma, nanny is on the phone.
  • Ma, are you going to the shops?
  • Maaaaaaa
  • WHAT?
  • No need to shout.
  • Did you wash your hands?
  • For what? I wasn’t out.
  • Anyone making tea?
  • Is there no wine left?
  • Who ate my Pringles?
  • Who ate my chocolate eggs?
  • I’m bored.
  • I’m starving.
  • Ma,  nanny is on the phone.
  • Is there any wine left?
  • Why are you in a mood?
  • Why would I be in a mood?
  • Beats me.
  • Anyone making tea?
  • Did you wash your hands?
  • I told you I did.
  • Where’s your da?
  • KOKO!
  • KYLIE!
  • Where the fuck is everyone?
  • What?
  • What?
  • Who’s doing all the shouting?
  • I may as well be talking to that bedroom wall again.
  • Who’s going to the shops?
  • There’s no wine in the fridge.
  • Put the kettle on.
  • Ma, nanny is on the phone.
  • Ma, tell Koko to stop annoying me.
  • I’m not watching that  movie again.
  • There’s nothing new on Netflix.
  • Put on Schitts Creek.
  • Fucks sake, again.
  • Like you haven’t watched Friends a million times?
  • Dinners ready.
  • Chicken again?
  • Anyone making tea?
  • Put the kettle on.
  • Is there no wine?
  • When is McDonald’s open?
  • Hoover the stairs.
  • Why? Who’s going to see it?
  • Did you wash your hands?
  • Oh my god…YESSSSSSS.
  • Turn off that telly.
  • What?
  • What?
  • Will somebody hoover that fucking stairs.
  • What?
  • What?
  • what?
  • There’s no wine left.
  • I’ll go to the shops.
  • I’ll put the kettle on.
  • WHAT?
  • Nanny is on the phone
  • For fuck sake.
  • WHAT?

It’s Groundhog day meets One flew over the cuckoos nest….every fecking day.

On reflection, I need to get out of this bloody house…


22 thoughts on “Reflections of AtoZ

      1. I can imagine! We’re not meant to live with children once they’re autonomous. Unfortunately, if they can’t afford to move out you’re stuck with them. Two of my girls are sharing a flat but it’s tiny and one of them isn’t always in work. The other gets pissed off when she’s the only one paying the rent. We’re expecting one to move back in here any time.

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  1. “t’s Groundhog day meets One flew over the cuckoos nest….every fecking day.“ – boy, that’s a scary combo, lol!

    It’s no consolation, but sounds much like growing up in the 50s, no TV to speak of, social media, etc. One car for the dad to go to work with (and that only after near the end of the 50s), and a pile of kids and conversations like that all day long. There weren’t alternatives, so I’m beginning to think that’s why folks endured.

    With alternatives, perspective changes, quickly 😊


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