Yesterday once more

This pandemic is giving us a lot of time to reminisce. I was just thinking of this conversation I had with Jimmy.

  • Would you like to be young again Jimmy?
  • I am young.
  • Younger then.
  • Like a teenager?
  • Yeah.
  • No way
  • Why not?
  • It’s all too much trouble Ber.
  • How do you mean?
  • All that hanging around with your mates. Chatting up girls, trying to look cool.
  • You do that every Saturday night down the pub Jimmy.
  • I do not. I have a few pints and a chat with the lads, that’s all.
  • Yeah right. I’ve seen you lot eyeing up the young ones.
  • No harm in looking Ber. I’m not dead yet.
  • As long as you just look.
  • Are you jealous?
  • Of what? Sure, it’s not as if they look back at you.
  • That’s harsh Bernie. I could still pull the birds.
  • You’re for the bleedin’ birds Jimmy
  • Do you not think I could?
  • Of course you could, down the old folks home maybe. Plenty of aul wans looking for a toyboy to push their wheelchairs.
  • Fuck off Bernie. I’ve seen young ones looking at me.
  • Ye, wondering why some aul lad is leering at them.
  • I’m not an aul lad. I’m in me prime and I think you are jealous.
  • You love yourself.
  • I do not.
  • You do. If you were a bar of chocolate you’d eat yourself.
  • I can’t help my animal attraction Ber. It’s just as well I’m not as young as I was, sure jasus the young ones would maul me.
  • Oh they would Jimmy; they would.
  • What about you Ber?Would you like to be young…sorry , younger again?
  • I’d love it Jimmy. Out with me mates every weekend, having a few scoops, dancing the night away into the early hours.
  • And you talk about me? You do that anyway.
  • Not every weekend Jimmy, and I do be wrecked the next day. When you’re young you never get tired. I used to be able to go all night and still be up early to do a full days work.
  • Me too Ber. Remember we used to come home with the milkman?
  • I remember having a sore arse from sitting on the glass bottles on the back of his float.
  • Those were the days Ber. I suppose it would be nice to be younger again; maybe just for a night. Re live our youth.
  • Would you go on the pull with your mates?
  • Ah sure I’d have to.
  • Are you serious?
  • Yeah, I’d have to see if I could still pull the best looking bird in Tamangoes nightclub.
  • What about me Jimmy?
  • I’m talking about you Bernie
  • Ah, you’re just a big romantic at heart.
  • I told you I still had it Ber.
  • You sure do Jimmy.

Ah sure I’d be lost without him all the same 🙂

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