• I think we should cancel Tenerife, Bernie.
  • You think? I thought you cancelled that weeks ago?
  • No, I was waiting to see how things panned out.
  • You can see how things panned out,Jimmy.
  • It seems to be getting worse, not better. The numbers are increasing every day, Bernie.
  • We’re going nowhere this side of Christmas, Jimmy.
  • Maybe not.
  • Definitely not.
  • I’ll cancel so.
  • It’s not cancelling really, it’s only postponing, Jimmy.

Cabin fever is definitely setting in…

13 thoughts on “Tenerife

  1. hoo boyo….we cancelled our trip to Dublin, Isle of Man, hiking Hadrian’s Wall and visiting friends in Scotland and the Netherlands. We would have been gone for 6 weeks. Oh well…next year.


  2. It’s a bummer, we had our Caribbean holiday cancelled the day we were meant to fly, we also have had to cancel our week in Wales with friends in May…. But at the moment that’s small meat to the larger picture.💜

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  3. We keep having the same discussion in our home. We’re tentatively supposed to travel to Arizona in December. But I’m more inclined to think as you are: we’re going no where this side of Christmas. Mid-to-late 2021 seems more realistic. – Marty

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