Final Destination #AtoZ


Ma rang me…again, I knew she couldn’t resist.

  • Joe Kelly up the road was taken off in an ambulance.
  • Aww no, I hope he’s OK.
  • I got the message on my Watsapp.
  • God love him.
  • We’ll never see him again. It’s a one way ticket to the hospital these days. Especially at his age.
  • Don’t say that ma.
  • It’s true. Eileen in number 32 said he hasn’t been well the past two weeks; Flu like symptoms. He hasn’t a hope.
  • You’re very optimistic, I must say.
  • I’d say he has the covid.
  • Oh, no. Please god he hasn’t.
  • He’s very fond of Chinese Takeaways, I’d say he’s riddled.
  • Ma, you don’t get it from takeaways.
  • It’s a Chinese virus.
  • No it’s not.
  • It started in China, it’s a Chinese virus. Even Donald Trump said so.
  • Oh well, if Trump said it, it must be true.
  • Well, he’s hardy going to say it if it’s not true.
  • Oh no, he’d never tell a lie ma.
  • Anyway, I’d better go. Eileen said she’d text me with the latest, and I can hear my whats App buzzing again.

That woman !

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