Una corona blanca

Jimmy is getting as bad as me ma. Here’s me trying to pack me suitcase and he’s bending me ear over that bloody virus.

  • You’re not still going are ye?
  • Yeah, why wouldn’t I be?
  • It’s not safe with this coronavirus, Bernie.
  • We’ll be grand
  • Why would you be grand and they’re dropping like flies all over the world?
  • Exactly. It’s already in Ireland, so if I’m going to get it, I’ll get it here.
  • That’s ridiculous.
  • Why is it ridiculous? Sure there’s plane loads of Italians wandering around Temple Bar as we speak. I’ll probably be safer in Benidorm than you are at home.
  • I don’t go near Temple Bar, I’m going nowhere until this is sorted, and I don’t think you should either.
  • Look Jimmy, it’s been a long winter. I need a bit of sun on me back.
  • It’s more than sun you’ll get, Bernie.
  • I’m booked and paid for, and I’m going. Now get out of me way, Julie will be here in a few minutes.
  • What will you do if they put you on lockdown?
  • I’ll be grand, sure I’ve packed enough for a fortnight.
  • You’ll be confined to your room. What sort of a holiday is that?
  •  We’ve got a balcony with a sea view, we can still sunbathe and we can stock up in Super Sol as soon as we arrive.
  • I thought you were all inclusive?
  • A few extra bottles of gin never did anyone any harm, ask your ma.
  • No need to bring my ma into this.
  • She’s the one stocking up since she heard alcohol kills the virus.
  • Yeah, and who gave her that bit of advice?
  • My ma was just being helpful.
  • Turning my ma into an alco.
  • She didn’t need much turning, Jimmy.
  • Ah now, there’s no need for that sort of talk, Bernie.
  • Leave it out will you, Jimmy. Julie’s outside in the Taxi. Here,carry that suitcase down the stairs for me.
  • Jesus, what have you got in here…bricks?
  • I told you, I’m  bringing an extra few bits, just in case.
  • What kind of bits?
  • A box of Barry’s teabags, jaffa cakes, a couple of packets of Mikado, A 12 pack of Tayto, a Brennans batch loaf, a pound of Kerrygold…
  • And you said your ma was mad? Are you sure you haven’t got a four stone bag of potatoes in here?
  • Don’t be silly, Jimmy, sure I don’t want me bag to be overweight.
  • You’re going to be disappointed if they don’t put you on lock down, Bernie Rose.
  • Can’t argue with you on that one Jimmy. Sure five days is never enough.


Poor Jimmy, he’s an awful worrier God bless him. Adios amigos 🙂


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