Marilyn(favourite auntie) #AtoZChallenge

  Auntie Marilyn is mam's sister. I told her we were going on holiday to Wales to visit friends. I've been to Wales with my pal, Pam. What part of Wales did you go to auntie Mar? Holyhead. Sure there's feck all in Holyhead, what did you do there? We went on a day trip … Continue reading Marilyn(favourite auntie) #AtoZChallenge


  What were you doing in my knicker drawer by the way? What? You said you saw my Bisto tin in my knicker drawer. I was packing a bag for you. Because you found my running away money? No, because you were in hospital having the twins and you asked me to bring in more … Continue reading Knickers#AprilAtoZChallenge

In-laws ( Lily of the valley)#AprilAtoZ

When you're young and in love you don't realise that when you get married, you're not only marrying him; you're basically marrying his whole family. If I knew then what I know now, would I still have married him? Probably, but I would definitely have gone ahead with emigrating to Australia, which is what we … Continue reading In-laws ( Lily of the valley)#AprilAtoZ

Girls allowed (Liverpool)#AprilAtoZ

Me and the girls emptied our Bisto tins and fecked off with our running away money...just for the weekend to Liverpool, we came back  like. ( We always come back...well, most of us, but that's another story altogether)  I couldn't wait to get away from everything; me ma, the kids, even Jimmy.  As usual, we … Continue reading Girls allowed (Liverpool)#AprilAtoZ

Family ties (Bernard) #AtoZBloggingchallenge.

Me ma has us girls running around after her like blue arsed flies, but god forbid she'd disturb any of her sons. I'm getting sick of it. I took the day off last week to bring her for her hospital appointment... Hiya ma are you ready? No Why not? Why aren't you dressed? I'm not … Continue reading Family ties (Bernard) #AtoZBloggingchallenge.

Duck Tales (Jimmy makes dinner)#AprilAtoZChallenge

So, Jimmy rang to say he's making dinner tonight. You take your time in your mas Bernie. Dinner will be ready when you get home. Seriously? Don't sound so surprised. I have cooked before. You've gone to the chipper and emptied the fish and chips onto the plates when you brought them home. Stop nit … Continue reading Duck Tales (Jimmy makes dinner)#AprilAtoZChallenge