Family ties (Bernard) #AtoZBloggingchallenge.


Me ma has us girls running around after her like blue arsed flies, but god forbid she’d disturb any of her sons. I’m getting sick of it. I took the day off last week to bring her for her hospital appointment…

  • Hiya ma are you ready?
  • No
  • Why not? Why aren’t you dressed?
  • I’m not going.
  • what do you mean you’re not going?
  • I’m not going. That’s what I mean.
  • Why?
  • I don’t fee like it.
  • Well why didn’t you tell me that yesterday, before I organised the day off.
  • I don’t know.
  • For fuck sake.
  • Don’t start giving out to me Bernie.
  • Well what am I supposed to do?
  • Put the kettle on.I didn’t have any breakfast yet
  •  Did Bernard not give you any before he left?
  • No.
  • Why not?
  • I didn’t want any
  • So you’d nothing since last night?
  • Well, I had tea and toast.  Bernard was in a hurry.
  • What’s he in a hurry for? Jeremy Kyle doesn’t start until ten o’clock.
  • I told you, he gave me tea and a slice of toast.
  • He  must be worn out after that. You go get dressed. I’ll boil a few eggs for you and we’ll head off then.
  • I told you, I’m not going.
  • You’re the one who asked me to bring you to the hospital for your check up ma. You should have rang me and told me you’d changed your mind
  • I thought you were taking the day off anyway
  • Since when do I take a Wednesday off? I take Monday off to come look after you. I’m running out of holidays ma. I only took an extra day to bring you to the hospital because you won’t go with anyone else. Did you even cancel your appointment?
  • No
  • Well you’re going then
  • I don’t want to go. I’m fine. It’s only a check up
  • Well if you’re not going, I’ll go into work. I’ll ring Bernard to come over
  • You can’t be asking him to come back, he’s only gone home.
  • He could have waited until I got here.
  • You’re here now. No point dragging Bernard all the way  back over.
  • Why not?He’s just  sitting on his arse over there watching Tipping Point. He can do that here.
  • I don’t want to put him out.
  • And what about me?  I have a job. He doesn’t.
  • Breda won’t like you asking him to come back.
  • Well, Breda can go and fuck off. Is he afraid of her or what?
  • She can be a bit domineering.
  • Well, she’s not the only one.
  • Don’t start any rows Bernie.
  • I won’t. Come on have your breakfast and I ‘ll ring and rearrange another appointment for you.
  • Are you going back to work then?
  • No, sure I have the day off, I may as well stay here.
  • Yeah, no point disturbing Bernard again.
  • God forbid ma…god forbid.



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