Unhappy #AtoZchallenge


I remember when we were only newlyweds, I got chatting in the pub to a neighbour who used to live beside me ma. He was as old as Maisie. (probably about fifty five at the time)

  • Hiya Brian, how are you?
  • There y’are Bernie, I’m grand, all things considering.
  • How’s Mary?
  • Still alive. She’s over there in the corner waiting for her drink.
  • So, what has you out of a Tuesday night then?
  • It’s our wedding anniversary.
  • So why are you looking so unhappy then?
  • I told you; she’s still alive.
  • Get away out of that Brian,How many years are you married?
  • Too many.
  • Ah stop, you’re an awful messer. I bet you’ve been happily married for longer than me and Jimmy.
  • Happily married, Bernie? there’s no such thing. You’re either happy or you’re married; you can’t be both.

I must admit when I saw the frosty face on Mary sitting in the corner, I knew what he meant. God love him, me ma said she was an awful moan bag. I never found out how many years they were married. He ran off with Lydia around the corner six months later. Maisie said she was only surprised he’d stayed so long.

How many of you are as happily married as Mary and Brian?


8 thoughts on “Unhappy #AtoZchallenge

  1. And here i forgot to tell you about Boudreaux. Better late than never.

    Boudreaux done be settin’ in de bar, an’ he be drinkin’ an’ cryin’. Thibodeaux done come in an’ see him cry an’ ax, “Boudreaux, what be wrong?”

    An’ Boudreaux say, “Twenty year ago today, my father-in-law done put de shotgun up to me an’ say, ‘After what you done, you goin’ marry my daughter o’ you goin’ to jail!’”

    An’ Thibodeaux say, “Oh, so today be you weddin’ anniversary, what fo’ you be cryin’?”

    An’ Boudreaux say, “Mais! If I’d a done took de time in jail, by today I’d be gettin’ out on good behavior!”

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