Unhappy #AtoZchallenge

I remember when we were only newlyweds, I got chatting in the pub to a neighbour who used to live beside me ma. He was as old as Maisie. (probably about fifty five at the time) Hiya Brian, how are you? There y'are Bernie, I'm grand, all things considering. How's Mary? Still alive. She's over … Continue reading Unhappy #AtoZchallenge

Neighbours #HelpmeRhonda #AtoZChallenge

  Where were you Jimmy?  I heard you pull up outside ages ago.Your dinner is ruined. Your one across the road snared me when I got out of the van. Help me Rhonda? What did she want this time? Her fuse blew. Again? Yeah, I told her to stop using that dodgy kettle but she … Continue reading Neighbours #HelpmeRhonda #AtoZChallenge