Neighbours #HelpmeRhonda #AtoZChallenge



  • Where were you Jimmy?  I heard you pull up outside ages ago.Your dinner is ruined.
  • Your one across the road snared me when I got out of the van.
  • Help me Rhonda? What did she want this time?
  • Her fuse blew.
  • Again?
  • Yeah, I told her to stop using that dodgy kettle but she wont listen.
  • You’d think she’d buy a new one, its not like she’s short of a few bob.
  • Its out of the bleedin’ arc. I don’t know how she hasn’t blown herself up yet using that bloody thing.
  • If she had to pay an electrician every time a fuse blew, she’d soon buy a new one.
  • I told her to stop using it, the next time she’ll kill herself.
  • We can only dream.
  • Don’t be mean, Bernie.
  • I think she does it on purpose.
  • What?
  • I think she waits for your van to pull up before she plugs in the bleedin’ thing. Then she’s out the door like  a damsel in distress in her housecoat.’ Help me, Jimmy’. She’s a pain in the arse.
  • Ah I don’t mind, god love her, it must be tough living on your own.
  • She’s never on her own, she has you in every five minutes; If its not her fuse blowing, its her roof leaking, or her sink blocked. I think she fancies you.
  • Would you get away out of that. You don’t say that when I do stuff for Alice next door.
  • Alice is seventy five and needs a hand now and again. Rhonda is only in her forties and well able to sort out her own plumbing.
  • Are you jealous, Bernie?
  • I am in me hole. I just hate people taking liberties.

Jealous? me? As if…




7 thoughts on “Neighbours #HelpmeRhonda #AtoZChallenge

  1. Of course you’re jealous! The alternative would be “totally willing to share my husband freely and in every sense with poor Help Me Rhonda over there in her housecoat.”

    You know what? Tell him you’ve decided not to be jealous. And that means he needs to spend more time with Rhonda and her… issues. He doesn’t mind now, but when he can’t even watch a game because he’s been let out for free help with whatever needs doing over at her place?

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  2. That little situation needs to get nipped in the bud. Your hub is just being nice but that wench wants more than handyman services, ESPECIALLY if she’s in her housecoat????


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