D 2018

  • So how’s the diet coming along?
  • It’s not
  • That bad eh?
  • Worse
  • How come?
  • I can’t stop eating
  • Well it wasn’t a great idea to start a diet on Easter Sunday
  • No it wasn’t
  • It was a stupid idea
  • Thanks Julie
  • You’re welcome Bernie …chocolate cake with your coffee?
  • Just a small piece, I’m on a…
  • …diet, yeah…me too


We’re hopeless

22 thoughts on “Diet

  1. I’m really liking your A-Z challenge. I really enjoy that you keep your diet experience real. I started 2 weeks ago and felt like it’s been my best effort on a diet. No carbs, low calorie etc. I lost 3.5 lbs in 7 days but today, day 13 I’m back up 2 lbs so total loss 1.5 pounds in 2 weeks. ๐Ÿ˜ Keep at though because you make me laugh and hopefully burning calories when I do!


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