Privacy … Sign of the times

Kids these days, they tell you nothing. God be with the days when there was only one phone in the house and everyone heard all of your business. Now they don’t even use the landline and their phones are forever stuck to their hands. Back in my day we had no phone. I had to go down the road to the public call box  by the shops to call me fella…more privacy back then  😉

  • Who were you on the phone to Whitney?
  • My friend
  • What friend?
  • Just a friend from school
  • What’s her name
  • Why do you want to know?
  • I’m just asking you a question
  • And I told you, a friend
  • Was it a fella?
  • What makes you think it was a fella?
  • Because you won’t tell me who it was
  • I told you it was a friend
  • And I asked you, what friend?
  • Why are you giving me the third degree ma?
  • Because I’m your ma and you’re only a child
  • I’m sixteen ma
  • Exactly…so?
  • So what?
  • So it was a fella
  • What if it was?
  • Why can’t you just say you were talking to a fella?
  • What’s the difference if it’s a boy or a girl? He’s just a friend
  • Then why didn’t you tell me which it was?
  • Because you’d make a big deal out of it, like you are now
  • I’m not making a big deal out of it
  • You are. A friend is a friend
  • But if you were talking to Leanne, you’d say you were talking to Leanne
  • But I wasn’t talking to Leanne
  • So who is he?
  • Just a friend
  • What’s his name?
  • Why?
  • I just want to know. Why are you afraid to tell me?
  • I’m not afraid to tell you. You don’t know him so no point telling you his name
  • You were talking for a very long time. What were you talking about?
  • I wasn’t that long talking to him and we were just talking about stuff
  • What stuff?
  • Just stuff. Jaysis ma is nothing private in this house?
  • Is he your boyfriend Whitney?
  • MA!!
  • Just tell me
  • No
  • No he’s not your boyfriend?
  • No, I’m not telling you
  • Maybe you’ll tell your da when he comes in
  • Ah ma for gods sake
  • What?
  • Stop telling da stuff
  • He’s your da he should know if you have a boyfriend
  • You’re doing my head in. I’m going to my room
  • Is that him on the phone?
  • What?
  • I just heard your phone beep
  • So?
  • So,is that why you’re going to your room?
  • No, I’m going to my room because you’re wrecking my head ma

I’ll find out, don’t you worry…

7 thoughts on “Privacy … Sign of the times

  1. Offspring thought himself so clever, telling me that he and his girl were “only friends” for the longest time. Then one day she gave him a jacket and I said (for about the billionth time) “are you sure she’s not sweet on you?” and he got all smug and smirky and said, “I should hope so, we’ve been dating for over a year.”

    Oh, his disappointed little face when I nodded and went back to what I was doing. Of course I knew they were dating! They really do think we’re stupid, don’t they?

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