Reflections #AtoZChallenge #Maisieandme

It’s been two weeks since I completed the challenge. Between that and looking after Maisie I was worn out. So meself and Jimmy headed of to Benalmadena  for a week to soak up a few rays and chill out. It was lovely just to sit by the pool everyday with no one to run after…

  • So, how did the challenge go Bernie?
  • It was actually grand Jimmy, but to be honest with you, Maisie would have a conniption if she knew I was writing about her for the month
  • You mean you didn’t tell her?
  • I value my life Jimmy
  • Wait til she hears the world and it’s mother knows all about her gammy knees
  • Not to mention her birds appetite
  • …her eyesight
  • …her hearing, or lack of
  • What?
  • Very funny Jimmy
  • You always did say you could write a book about your ma
  • Maybe I will
  • Sure you’re halfway there Bernie
  • What will I call it?
  • ‘Confessions of a hypochondriac’?
  • Too predictable Jimmy, plus ,she’d kill me
  • ‘Hear no evil. See no evil’?
  • ‘Hear feck all. See everything’ more like. Wait until she gets her new knee. there’ll be no stopping her.
  •  That’s it Bernie …’Finding Noonie’
  • Stoppit Jimmy, that’s brilliant
  • Or… ‘When I kneed you’?
  • Leave it out Jimmy, you’re after making me spill me drink
  • In other words ‘Go to the bar and get me another drink Jimmy’
  • It’s your own fault for making me laugh
  • Any excuse Bernie. I suppose you want me to rub in some more sun cream when I get back
  • That’ll be lovely hon
  • And you say Maisie is demanding?
  • You have no idea
  • There’s a pair of you in it, sure you’re as bad as each other
  • ‘Maisie and Me’ not a bad title Jimmy
  • Heaven help us

6 thoughts on “Reflections #AtoZChallenge #Maisieandme

  1. Congratulations on finishing the challenge. I enjoyed reading about your ma and her gammy knee and her daily dialogues with you. Yes, you should make a book or perhaps a screenplay for a TV series.

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