Watching telly #AtoZChallenge

W 17

  • Put the telly on there Bernie
  • What’s on ma?
  • Daniel and Majella’s road trip
  • Jaysis do we have to watch this shite?
  • What?
  • I love Daniel. Isn’t he lovely?
  • Massive ma
  • Do you not like him?
  • He’s a pain in the arse
  • He’s very good to his mammy
  • How do you know?
  • I just do. Ah look isn’t he gorgeous?
  • He’s a ride ma
  • What are you saying Bernie?
  • Where are they visiting this week?
  • Connemara
  • Lovely. I haven’t been to Connemara since 1983
  • Have you not?
  • Oh look quick Bernie, she has curtains like mine. Isn’t that a gorgeous house?
  • Fab
  • I was thinking of buying new ones
  • New what?
  • Curtains. Are you even listening to me Bernie?
  • I try not to
  • What?
  • But I do like the ones I have
  • What have you got ma?
  • Curtains Bernie. Jesus, I thought I was the one with the hearing problem
  • Oh right yeah. Curtains, lovely
  • They could do with a wash though
  • Right
  • Maybe Phil or Marion would wash them for me
  • I’m sure they would
  • I’ll ask them
  • Do
  • I don’t hear you offering to wash them
  • No you didn’t ma
  • What?
  • Angela said there’s a sale in Kavanaghs
  • Lovely
  • Great bargains in curtains she said
  • Great, saves her washing yours the lazy hoor
  • What?
  • But sure what’s the point in new curtains at my age?
  • No point ma
  • What’s up with you tonight?
  • Nothing
  • There’s something up, you’re very quiet
  • I’m trying to watch this programme ma
  • You don’t even like Daniel O’Donnell Bernie
  • No I don’t but you insisted on putting it on and you haven’t shut up since it started
  • I can watch and talk at the same time you know
  • Well watch it then will you
  • Where are they now?
  • Galway
  • Oh I like Galway. That’s a nice house isn’t it? Oh, is it over already?
  • Yes ma
  • It wasn’t on for long was it?
  • It was on for half an hour ma
  • That didn’t seem like half an hour
  • No, more like an eternity
  • What?
  • Do you want another cup of tea?


Is this month nearly over yet?

4 thoughts on “Watching telly #AtoZChallenge

  1. Why do they do that? They say they want to watch a particular movie or TV show and then they talk all the way through it. That, or my mother falls asleep. Funny how she wakes up the minute I try to change to something else.

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