Visitation #AtoZChallenge

V 17

  • I saw your da last night Bernie
  • Da’s dead ma
  • I know he’s bloody dead. I’m not stupid Bernie
  • Oh sorry. I thought you forgot ma
  • How could I forget the day your poor father died? Lord rest him
  • Ah sorry ma, but that was a lovely dream to have
  • I wasn’t dreaming Bernie. He was here
  • Where
  • Standing there, exactly where you are
  • Feck off ma will ye.What was he doing?
  • Smiling
  • Ah that’s nice. Did he say anything?
  • Yeah
  • What did he say ma?
  • He said ‘Are ye right Maisie’
  • What did you say to him ma?
  • I said ‘Not tonight Paddy, I’m too tired
  • …and what did he say to that?
  • He said ‘Ah for jaysis sake Maisie, you’re always too tired’
  • Is that all?
  • Yeah, then he just disappeared
  • Really ma?
  • Yeah. I wish it had been that easy when he was alive
  • Ma!  I swear to God, you’re getting worse.

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