6 thoughts on “Prince of thieves

  1. Heeheehee! It can be fun to pull their chains a bit if you have the time.

    We have a scam going over here where the first thing the person says when you answer your phone is, “Can you hear me?” They record you answering “Yes” and use that one recorded word to claim you agreed to sign up for a whole bunch of things they bill through your phone company. Makes me want to scream sometimes, horrible cheats.

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  2. So I got this text from a number telling me that the Central Bank of Nigeria had blocked my debit card and that I had to call the number to get my card unblocked. I’m like, for starters, I have several debit cards so how come the text didn’t mention which of them and which of my accounts. Also, sure, I live in Nigeria but banks block cards and would send you an email and a text message from a number you can’t reply to and ask you to visit your local branch, not the Central Bank. I mean, how much money is in the account. Wanted to call the number and burn someone’s time but nahhhh….

    I texted back to say I’m the CBN governor of Nigeria.

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