Knobs, knockers and chicken balls



  • I’m off to work Jimmy
  • Where are you working today?
  • Lady Mucks house in Rathgar. She’s been on a Caribbean cruise for a month, wants the gaff cleaned before she gets home on Wednesday
  • How the other half live what?’
  • I wish someone would clean my gaff while I went off on me jollies
  • Ah you wouldn’t like it Bernie. Strangers in your house
  • It doesn’t have to be a stranger Jimmy.  I’m sure you know where the Hoover is by now
  • Ah leave it out Ber, sure I’m only in from work meself. I’m bleedin’ cream crackered
  • Well, get Whitney to do it when she gets in. She hasn’t done a tap around here all weekend
  • Where is she now?
  • She swanned off to Jens  after school instead of coming home to give me a hand.
  • Ah she’s probably studying is she?
  • Studying my arse. She spends more time up lying on her bed texting her mates than anything
  • I’ll have a word when she comes in
  • Thanks hon. Right I’m off to polish this aul ones knockers
  • Lovely image Ber
  • She likes her knockers gleaming
  • Don’t we all?
  • Dirty beggar Jimmy Violet
  • … and don’t forget to give them knobs a good polishing while you’re at it
  • Oh that reminds me, I’m getting a Chinese on the way home, do you want chicken balls with yours?
  • Nice one, and a spring roll Ber
  • We’ll be having that for afters Jimmy  😉
  • Now who’s a dirty beggar?
  • See you later…knob head  😉


Happy Monday everyone  🙂


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