You’ll never walk alone

Y (1)

  • About time the Hillsborough victims got justice Da
  • You’re right son. It should never have taken this long
  • I wasn’t even born when it happened
  • All those years blaming the supporters.
  • …blaming the victims for their own death
  • There were definitely too many people in the stadium bu’
  • Oh there’s no doubt about that, but to blame them was a bleedin’ disgrace
  • … and the lies printed in them bloody rags; shocking
  • …and the police. It seems to me they thought  just because they were workin’ class supporters, they were hooligans
  • You know they took blood samples from the dead to see if they’d alcohol in their system?
  • Are ye serious da? What’s havin’ a few pints got to do with it?
  • Sure jaysis don’t we all have a few pints before a match? It doesn’t mean we’re yobos
  • What the families of those victims went through was desperate altogether
  • At least now they’ve got justice
  • It was great the way they all stuck together; the supporters and their families wasn’t it da?
  • Liverpool always had great supporters. Their anthem suits them down to a T
  • Great song
  • Great
  • They can rest in peace at last
  • You’ll never walk alone

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