X marks the spot

X (1)


  • What are you doing with the pin Bernie?
  • Apart from stickin’ it in your arse ye mean?
  • Why? What did I do?
  • I just got off the phone from Ger
  • Ger Byrne?
  • No, your sister in law Ger
  • Oh right, how’s young Petrocelli doin’
  • Her name is Patchouli Jimmy, for fuck sake, how many times have you to be told?
  • Yeah yeah, whatever
  • Anyway, stop changin’ de subject
  • What subject?
  • Of you tellin’ Ger I couldn’t wait to go to the health farm with her. How I was counting the minutes ’til de weekend
  • Oh that, yeah, ha right
  • You’re not bleedin’ funny Jimmy
  • Well you were de one who said you didn’t want her to know you didn’t want to go
  • So, you decided to tell her I was livin’ for it?
  • Ah now I wouldn’t go that far Ber
  • Well I would! It took me ages to convince her to give my place to Willow
  • But sure she was tryin’ to book Willow in yesterday when I was over. Practically begged yer one to squeeze her in for de weekend.
  • …and you didn’t think to tell me that? Or to suggest Willow went instead of me?
  • …well it wasn’t my place
  • My arse Jimmy. You’re such a knob head sometimes.
  • No need for dat talk Bernie
  • Ders every need Jimmy Violet
  • Anyway, what’s dat got to do with you brandishing a pin in my direction
  • I’m goin’ to stick it in a map of Spain
  • Why?
  • Because wherever it lands, is where I’m goin’
  • When?
  • The weekend I was meant to go to the Health farm
  • Why?
  • Because I’m SOOOOO disappointed I’m not going with Ger, I need to get away
  • On yer own?
  • Julie’s comin’ with me
  • I thought she was lookin’ after her sick mother
  • Her ma is much better now and her auntie May is comin’ over to visit, so Julie is free for de week. Right ,hold dat map straight for me ‘
  • Mind where yer wavin dat pin, will ye open yer eyes Bernie
  • Right, where did it land?
  • Give us a look Ber. Sierra Nevada. That’s a mountain range. Are yiz goin’ mountain climbin’?
  • Fuck off, give us yer pen for a minute
  • Here. What’s that for
  • X marks de spot Jimmy
  • Benidorm? Dat’s bleedin’ miles from there
  • Close enough for me Jimmy
  • You’re some bleedin’ chancer. I bet you already have Benidorm booked haven’t ye
  • Ask no questions Jim Bob…right I’m off out to buy a new swimsuit. See ye later alligater…your dinner is in de chipper
  • That’s lovely alright!


Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together šŸ˜‰

bikini 2

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