W (1)

  • Hiya Ger
  • Oh Bernie how are you?
  • Grand, just ringin’ to see how Pat’s doin’?
  • Patchoulli is much better thanks.
  • Ah great. Ray said she was very bad
  • It was very traumatic,having a dead animal inside her
  • It was only a burger Ger, and sure there’s feck all meat in dem things inannyway
  • Meat is meat Bernadette. The whole episode was very upsetting for her.
  • Ah well, she’s on de mend now, dat’s the main thing Ger
  • She’s really looking forward to our weekend
  • Ah dat’s nice, and how’s Willow?
  • Delighted to be home from college. She’s teaching Patchoulli  Lunaception at the moment
  • What’s that?
  • It helps regulate menstruation by aligning your cycle with the moon
  • Far out man. So what’s Willow up to while we’re away?
  • Oh she’ll keep herself busy with her  Pilates  and catching up with friends
  • It’s a pity she couldn’t come with us
  • Well, I did think of bringing her but the Spa is all booked up that weekend.
  • Aww no way. Dat’s a bummer Ger
  • She was disappointed
  • Such a pity
  • I know. It would have been so lovely for us all to have a bonding mother/daughters session in a calm environment. It’s been so long since the three of us have spent time together
  • That would have been lovely aright Ger
  • Oh well never mind
  • D’ye know what Ger, I’ve a great idea. How about Willow going in my place
  • Oh Bernadette, I couldn’t ask that of you
  • You’re not askin’. I’m offerin’
  • But you’ve been so looking forward to it. Jimmy was only saying yesterday that you were counting the days
  • Was he now?
  • He said how excited you were
  • Did he really?
  • So thanks but I couldn’t ruin your weekend
  • Ah Ger, to be honest, I wouldn’t enjoy meself knowin’ poor Willow was home alone. Especially since she’s been so long away. So, I insist she goes in my place
  • Bernadette, I don’t know what to say. You are so so kind, no matter what  Lily says
  • What was his ma sayin’ about me?
  • Oh , em, nothing, sorry, I’m always putting my foot in my mouth
  • I know who’s mouth I’d like to put my foot in
  • I can’t wait to tell the girls the good news. I can’t thank you enough
  • Not at all Ger. Look, you just go and have a lovely time with your girlos.
  • Willow will be delighted. Thanks again Bernie
  • You’re more than welcome Geraldine.


Yes!!! Now wait ’til I see dat Jimmy fella!!




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