S (1)

  • You know the spa weekend Ber?
  • What about it?
  • Something’s come up
  • What do you mean Jules?
  • I can’t go
  • Ah feck off. I was  startin’ to look forward to it
  • You can still go
  • What? With Ger? No way
  • Why not? It’s all paid for
  • I don’t give a shite Julie
  • I only agreed to go because you begged me and now you’re not going
  • I can’t help it Ber
  • Well neither can I. You can tell Ger it’s off
  • But I promised Anto
  • Well unpromise him then
  • I’d feel bad. He paid for the whole weekend
  • More fool him then
  • Ah go on Bernie. You’ll have a great time
  • What? With Soya bean Geraldine
  • She’s not that bad?
  • She’ll have me eating gogi berries and hummous and chanting for the bleedin’ weekend
  • You like hummous
  • Yeah with a box of pringles and a bottle of wine of a Friday night, not with bleedin’ chick peas and Greek yoghurt for me breakfast, dinner and tea
  • Sounds nice
  • Fuck off Julie. You’re gettin’ on me nerves now
  • O.k o.k. I’ll tell her you’re not goin’ then
  • Why can’t you go inannyway?
  • Me ma’s not well. I said I’d go and stay with her for that weekend because Pauline has to go to a wedding in Cork
  • Ah stop, I feel bad now.
  • Ah she’ll be grand. Ye know me ma. Tough as shit
  • Talk about making me feel guilty…I’ll go with Ger then.
  • Thanks Ber
  • Tell your ma I was askin’ for her
  • I will Ber
  • I’ll light a candle for her
  • She said she’d light one for you; said you’ll need it spending the weekend with Geraldine
  • Fuck off Julie

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