R (1)

  • Where you off to ma?
  • A funeral love
  • Who died?
  • Mr. McBride from number nine
  • Moany McBride? What did he die of?
  • He died of a Tuesday
  • Haha, funny ma
  • Ah stop that’s awful, de poor aul skin
  • He was a moany aul fucker ma
  • I know he was
  • So why are you goin’ to his funeral?
  • Out of respect love
  • Respect me hole. You always told us you have to earn respect
  • I know I did. Ye do
  • Well he never respected anyone, he was a narky fucker
  • Ah he was an old man
  • He wasn’t always old. He never gave us back our ball when it went into his garden
  • Well youse were always annoyin’ him. I know you used to kick it over his wall on purpose
  • D’ye tink he would’ve gone to your funeral ma?
  • Yeah, I tink he would
  • Even though he probably didn’t like you either?
  • Ye, it’s what people do isn’t it?
  • Well, don’t expect me to go
  • Sure you don’t even go to mass of a Sunday
  • Neither do you
  • Well I went for long enough, and you mind your manners ye pup
  • I wonder if my footballs are still in his garden
  • Stay out of his garden
  • Dat’s what he always said Ā ‘Gerroua me garden and gerroff me wall’
  • Ah God love de aul skin, sure all he had was his garden
  • …and my footballs ma
  • Get over de footballs will ye. Look I’m goin’. I don’t want to be late
  • Light a few candles for me sins ma
  • I wouldn’t want to set de church on fire love. I’ll say a prayer for ye
  • Respect ma…Respect


10 thoughts on “Respect

  1. It’s good to treat the dead with respect, they can no longer stand up and defend themselves and it’s wrong to kick someone who cannot defend himself.

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  2. I was gutting myself all through the post! But, its so true that we often go to funerals of people to pay our respects when we may not necessary have liked or got on with the person, but is societies expectation of us. I would definitely be going over the wall to his garden to get my footballs back!

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