Planning permission

P (1)

  • He’s gettin’ plannin’ permission alright
  • Who?
  • Christy Byrne
  • Oh right ye, sure didn’t I tell ye. What’s he buildin’?
  • A granny flat
  • I thought his granny died years ago
  • No, for Imelda’s ma
  • Jaysis, is her ma dat old?
  • I think she’s nearly seventy nine
  • you think?
  • O.K. she’s seventy nine in July
  • How do you know?
  • I met Imelda when I was out joggin’
  • She came out and saw you reading the sign in the garden you mean
  • She did ye, I was scarleh. I had to pretend I was stoppin’ to catch me breath
  • Ye feckin’ eejit.
  • Shurrup. Anyway, I’ve every right to read it. That’s what it’s there for
  • Well why are ye makin’ excuses to Imelda then?
  • I dunno, I didn’ want her to tink I was just bein’ a nosey cow
  • Ye are a nosey cow Bernie. So is he buildin’ over the garage as well or wha’?
  • Fuck off Jimmy. No, they’re Ā only converting the garage, paving the garden in concrete and gettin’ a wheelchair ramp and handrails.
  • Jaysis. Did they win the lotto?
  • Imelda said they’re gettin’ a grant from the council
  • Why is her ma movin’ in? I remember Eileen, she was always a very independent woman
  • She had a fall last month and had to have her hip done. She can’t live on her own any more, so Christy’s doin’ the garage up for her
  • Poor Christy
  • Why?
  • Havin’ the mother in law livin’ wit him
  • I think that’s lovely. Maybe we’ll do de same for my ma
  • Ah now hold on Bernie
  • What’s wrong wit my ma?
  • How long have ye got Ber?

He’s such a little bolix sometimes!

5 thoughts on “Planning permission

  1. It is very kind of him to be willing to live with his mother-in-law, and i hope your Jimmy comes around to it if it’s needed. Also, i’m glad you will still be able to see the bus.

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