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  • He could be buildin’ anything Jimmy
  • Who?
  • Christy
  • Are you still on about tha’?
  • I hope he doesn’t build a huge monstrosity
  • Hardly Bernie, for just him and Imelda?
  • Ye never know with some people
  • It’s probably just a downstairs bathroom or somethin’
  • As long as it doesn’t block out our light
  • He lives around de corner Bernie
  • But, what if he builds on top of his garage
  • Then you’ll have to buy a bleedin’ bus timetable won’ ye Bernie
  • Fuck off, it’s not only not bein’ able to see de bus comin’
  • What den?
  • He’ll be able to see into our garden
  • He can see in already
  • He can only see one side, he can’t see over de lilac tree
  • …and what’s de difference if he sees over de lilac tree
  • It’s where I sunbathe Jimmy. It’s me little haven, and he’ll be blockin’ out me light
  • Ye don’t even know if he’s buildin’ anything yet Ber, will ye stop jumpin’ te conclusions
  • But de sign is up for plannin’ permission
  • Well go and look at it and find out what it is he’s buildin’
  • I was doin’ dat yesterday and ye called me a nosey bitch
  • …and dat’s what stopped ye is it?
  • Well, no. Me ma rang and kept me on de phone for ages, ye know what she’s like when she gets started. It was dark out by the time she shurrup talkin’ and I wouldn’t have been able to read the sign if I’d gone around.
  • So go today
  • I am, I’m goin’ for a jog after breakfast. I’ll go slow past Christy’s
  • Poor Christy
  • Poor Christy me arse. I want to see what he’s up to. There’s no way I’m bein’ overlooked Jimmy
  • God forbid Bernie…God forbid!

4 thoughts on “Overlooked

  1. We had a neighbor build a fence that blocked people from being able to see cars coming at a dangerous corner. He complained when the city made him modify it for everyone’s safety. Some neighbors are just like that, but i hope yours isn’t.

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      1. If I was you, I’d turn my chair and stare them out of it every time they’re out and make loud comments about their swimwear and flabby bits. They obviously want you to see everything they’re up to…be aware comments may get louder when you partake of alcohol…so go get those margaritas made…haha

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