Q (1)



  • About time Bernie
  • Jaysis, where’s de fire Julie, I thought it was de police bangin’ on de door
  • I’ve been ringing your phone for de past half hour
  •  Feck sake ye can’t get five minutes to yerself in dis house
  • Where were ye Bernie?
  • Eh hello. I’m, standin’ here wrapped in a towel with water drippin’ all over de hall. Where d’ye tink I was, Honolulu beach?
  • I rang your phone five times. I didn’t know where you were
  • I was in de bath. First time I’ve had de house to meself in ages and de bleedin’ phone hasn’t stopped ringin’
  • Where’s everyone? I rang Jimmy’s phone aswell. He’s not answerin’ either.
  • Jimmy won’t hear his phone, he’s gone to watch de match with Jason and Rick
  • I thought der was somethin’ wrong
  • Why wud der be somethin’ wrong?
  • Well, when I couldn’t get any of you on de phone
  • I wouldv’e rang ye back later
  • I was worried. You always have your phone beside ye. It’s not like you not to answer
  • I left it chargin’ in de bedroom. I was havin’ a bit of quiet time
  • Quiet time?
  • Ye, a few minutes to meself like
  • But you hate bein’ on your own
  • I do not
  • Ye do
  • I just never get de bleedin’ chance in dis gaff Julie. Ders always someone lookin’ for somethin’
  • Oh sorry I disturbed ye. I’ll go so. Sorry for bein’ concerned like
  • Ah shurrup Julie and put de kettle on while I make meself decent
  • Kettle me arse. I brought  wine
  • Even though ye thought I might be dead?
  • I didn’t tink ye were dead…well I thought you were sick or somethin’
  • …and wine was goin’ to make me better?
  • Well it would make me feel better
  • Get de glasses Julie, I’ll be down in a minute
  • What about your quiet time?
  • Fuck tha’, you have wine. What’s more important?
  • Friends?
  • Friends with wine are even better Jules
  • Just as well I brought two bottles den Bernie
  • Good girl yerself


Who needs a quiet night in anyway?





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