Ride Sally ride

  • Sally Burke is working over in the new Lidls Jimmy
  • Who?
  • Sally Burke. I thought you used to go out with her
  • I did in me bollix
  • Anto said ye did
  • Don’t mind Anto, he only talks shite
  • So ye never  took her out then?
  • The bleedin’ tide wouldn’t take her out Bernie
  • Ah that’s rough Jimmy
  • She’s a face on her like a bag of spanners, now that’s rough
  • I didn’t think she was that bad Jimmy, a bit plain as me ma would say
  • Plain ugly ye mean. Sure she could eat an apple through a letterbox
  • So you never gave her the ride then?
  • I wouldn’t ride that one if she came with pedals Bernie
  • Don’t hold back now Jimmy will ye…

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