I was just dozing of when the doorbell rang. Fuckin’ Jimmy went out without his key again and of course everyone else was conveniently be asleep so I had to get up…again, to let him in. I found him wobbling on the front step like a bleedin’ weeble

  • Have you no key?
  • I forgot it
  • You do this every time
  • What?
  • Wake me up when you come in pissed
  • I’m not pissed
  • And I’m not wearing pyjamas Get in will you, you’re like a bleedin’ weeble
  • What?
  • Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down
  • I never fall down
  • One of these days you will
  • Sorry Ber
  • I think you do it on purpose
  • I do not
  • I told you to bring your key when you were leaving
  • I thought it was in my pocket
  • Anyway, you said you’d be back in an hour
  • That was the plan Ber
  • That’s always the plan
  • I only had two pints and just as I was leaving…
  • …Mick came in and bought you a pint
  • No actually, Ray did
  • …and you had to buy one back for him
  • Well it’s only polite
  • …then he bought you another one
  • Well you know Ray, he never has enough
  • …and you couldn’t say no
  • It’s rude to refuse Bernie


8 thoughts on “Weeble

  1. Hahaha! Just visiting from the A-Z Challenge and happened upon your blog. Started reading through your posts and I have to say, it’s so bloody funny. So I’m not longer visiting, but staying put. 🙂

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      1. Heehee. Stay put? I’m pretty sure that you’ll run in the opposite direction. My Lil ole A-Z posts seem to have people confused. It looks like my tale of falling in love with an Italian circus midget, is NOT what folks want to read. But thanks so much for your reply. Yours really is a great blog. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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