Funeral parlour



Mrs. Molloy up the road died last week. She was a lovely woman who had a smile and a friendly word for everyone. She was always out doing her garden. She grew fabulous roses. She used to give me one now and again. ‘A rose for a rose’ she’d say, bless her. Teresa and me went up to pay our respects at Masseys funeral parlour  in the village


  • She looks lovely doesn’t she Bernie
  • Eh no Teresa, she looks dead
  • But she looks at peace
  • To be honest with you, I think she looks a bit pissed off actually
  • Why would she be pissed off?
  • Cos she’s dead Teresa. I’m sure you’d be pissed off if you were dead
  • But she lived a long life. It was her time
  • I must remind you of that when you’re 79, tell you it’s your time
  • I’m a long way off 79 Bernie Rose
  • I’m sure Mary thought the same when she was your age Teresa
  • Mary who?
  • Mary Molloy, in the coffin
  • Oh right
  • I expected  her to look better than this
  • How can she look better? She’s dead Bernie
  • But she always looked so well
  • But she wasn’t always dead was she?
  • She was a gorgeous woman
  • Gorgeous Bernie. Gorgeous
  • After she got sick tho’ she changed so much, God love her
  • If she’d died before she got sick she’d have been a lovely corpse wouldn’t she Bernie?
  • If she hadn’t got sick she wouldn’t have died Teresa
  • True Bernie. True



Some people just love to give blondes a bad name 😞

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